Petworth and Fernhurst voters go to the polls

The Tories are defending West Sussex County Council seats in both Petworth and Fernhurst today.

With the retirement of Chris Duncton at Petworth, his wife Janet has taken up the baton for the Conservatives in the 11 parishes around Petworth.

County elections

County elections

But polling was slow in Petworth itself at midday today and there were no candidates outside the Leconfield Hall, where it was expected the pace would pick up later this evening.

Mrs Duncton who already represents Petworth on Chichester District Council is facing opposition from three other candidates for the county council seat.

They are Julian Batchelor for UKIP, Karon Read for the Lib Dems and Philip Robinson for Labour.

At Fernhurst a ‘steady trickle’ of voters has been reported throughout the day at the polling station in the village hall.

Sitting Tory Michael Brown is also in a four way battle with David Martin-Jenkins for the Lib Dems, Andrew Moncreiff for UKIP and John Smith for Labour.