Petworth community centre gets £18,000 for kitchen

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PETWORTH Town Council has been given a £17,945 boost for improvements to the Hampers Green Community Centre.

The grant was approved by Chichester District Council’s cabinet members.

The cash will come from funds provided by developers under a planning agreement, not from council tax payers.

Councillors were told the existing kitchen facilities were in poor condition, and improvements would enable a wider variety of usage.

“There is a specific need – and willingness – to create lunch club facilities within the town,” a report added.

Cllr Janet Duncton said the centre had had a lot of work done on it by local people.

“They desperately need a new kitchen,” she added.

Members heard Chichester District Council received £49,356 in planning contributions from the development of land at Fairfields in Petworth in November 2008.

Officers made representations to the developer over the planning contribution citing the need for improvements to a number of facilities across Petworth.

The town council was given £27,454.50 of this money a year later to carry out work in Petworth.

They received £15,000 for structural improvements to the Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, and a further £12,454 for much needed replacement doors and windows to the Hampers Green Community Centre.

With the encouragement of Petworth Town Council, the management committee of the Community Centre sought a number of quotes for the full refurbishment of the kitchen and now want to go ahead with the project.