Petworth House exhibition for Lesley

Appropriately Petworth House is the venue for the first full solo exhibition by Lesley Styche, who lives just outside Fittleworth.

“Many years ago my art teacher, Tony Rodgers, gave me a small print of Stags At Sunset (the view which Turner did from the house), which then as now, I found stunning, so it almost feels as everything has come full circle. He was such an inspiring teacher and I learnt so much from him and wish that I knew where he was now, not only to see my work but to thank him…

“I am originally from Skirlaugh in the East Riding of Yorkshire, a country girl, but moved down to West Sussex some 16 years ago due to my work. Since this time my career has been working with people who are blind and partially-sighted all over the south .

”Originally I came down as a lecturer at the School of Vision and Rehabilitation at Hindhead for Guide dogs for the Blind. This then lead onto becoming head of rehabilitation and training at St Dunstan’s for blind and partially-sighted service men and women for five years and latterly running my own successful business in the same field.

“I decided to take a year out to concentrate on my paintings, something I have always wanted to do since leaving school but had been unable to do so until now. I have always tinkered with art and sculpture working in a variety of mediums, clay, woodcarving, willow, but since Christmas my painting has all but consumed my life.”

“The body of work is all new and the largest canvasses are 40” x 50” to the smallest at 2”x 2”.

My hope is that the work will be received well. Time will tell, it certainly has not been for the lack of effort. Two Thirds Sky is the culmination of a life-long dream.”

The show runs from September 24-28, 11am-5pm.