Petworth miniatures need a new home

Mrs Joseph with her collection.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131527-1
Mrs Joseph with her collection.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131527-1

WITH a market, a bird’s corner and a wedding, Royie Joseph has quite a lively household.

But all of these scenes take place on a very small scale.

Royie, who lives in Petworth, has spent more than 30 years collecting ‘miniatures’ – tiny collections of furniture, dolls and animals.

The miniatures – so named because they are not in dolls’ houses – depict spectacular scenarios.

In one corner is a wedding, in another a market and at various intervals are fully equipped bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and libraries.

She even has scaled-down pieces of art, including Monet and Van Gogh.

So extensive is the collection, it now needs to be re-homed as Royie has run out of space.

The only condition is that children are able to visit and enjoy it.

Royie is looking for a museum, library or collector to come forward and she will give the collection away for free.

“They can be enjoyed from anyone aged three to 80,” said Royie.

“All of my collections come to life – they tell a story.

“The characters all have a name, read to one another and they even have pets.”

This, she says, is the only collection of its kind in England.

Some of the pieces Royie has even handmade herself, while others are the last of their kind and come from charity shops and car boot sales all over the UK.

Anyone interested in acquiring the collection can contact reporters at the Observer on 07860 531311.