Petworth plans to remember first world war

Petworth church.C110133-2
Petworth church.C110133-2

AN exhibition to commemorate the role of Petworth in the first world war is being planned in the chapel at St Mary’s Church.

Now organisers are seeking the loan of photographs, documents, medals, and other memorabilia, as well as family anecdotes. This includes women who were in the armed forces or who took up other activities as part of the war effort.

The invitation to become involved includes not only descendants of those who were resident, but also those whose families have since moved to Petworth.

The exhibition is planned for the first week of August, and will start with a Civic Service of Remembrance at 3pm on Sunday, August 3.

“We are not yet in a position to receive and care for items,” said Andrew Howard, “we are looking to find out what could be made available when the time comes.”

Anyone who feels they could help should contact Andrew Howard on 01798 343220 or John Townsend on 01798 343336.