Petworth poppy appeals

The street collection for the Poppy Appeal in Petworth. PICTURE BY KEITH SANDALL
The street collection for the Poppy Appeal in Petworth. PICTURE BY KEITH SANDALL

PETWORTH will this month be paying tribute to all those who have served their country in wars, past and present.

And one man has dedicated much of his life to raising money, and awareness, of the Poppy Appeal and the work carried out by the Royal British Legion – Frank Moore, still embracing the chance to get involved.

The Remembrance Sunday service in Petworth on November 10 at 3pm and the Act of Remembrance at 11am on Monday, November 11 at the war memorial are both solemn occasions to commemorate those who died in the service of their country.

The Poppy Appeal, which is currently under way, is the principal source of funding for the Royal British Legion.

The legion was established to provide help for the wounded and bereaved families, originally in the two Great Wars.

This role was extended to cover subsequent military actions, including Northern Ireland, the Iraq wars and Afghanistan.

On the first day of this year’s street collection – the second takes place on November 9 – Ian McNeil, Petworth Poppy Appeal organiser, paid tribute to all those who come forward each year – some over many years – to help.

Ian said: “A few weeks ago we had Jack’s Walk, started by the late Jack Holloway when he was already well into his 70s.

“Frank Moore is approaching 90 and in poor health, but continues to be actively engaged in house-to-house and street collections.

“Frank served in the Airborne Divisions in various theatres in the second world war, including the ferocious Battle of Arnhem where he had several narrow escapes. He believes his guardian angel was based in the church at Osterbeek around which much of the fighting in which he was involved took place.”

It was during his subsequent business career that Frank came to design the highly-innovative Moore Mower, one of which he donated to the Airborne Cemetery at Arnhem where most of the 44 members of his old regiment who were killed in the nine-day battle lie buried.

He and his wife Barbara have been married for some 67 years.

“The determination of Jack and Frank to support the Poppy Appeal is an example to us all,” said Ian.