Petworth residents’ networking group gathers force

Petworth. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE ENGSUS00120131014122318
Petworth. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE ENGSUS00120131014122318

A PETWORTH resident is challenging the decisions being made in her community and forming a ‘democratic voice’ for the people of the town.

Lynnette Humphry was spurred into setting up the Petworth Residents Networking Group after she was unable to make her views heard on the town’s neighbourhood plan.

“As residents we want our views to be heard and feel that all too easily our concerns and opinions are ignored by those who should represent our interests,” she said.

“This is a widely held view and it has led many to feel let down and disillusioned. Subjects such as future housing needs, schooling, leisure and local amenities should be openly discussed by the whole community.”

Lynnette, who lives in Grove Lane, said the group would be open to those who live in the town.

The aim is to give all residents ‘a voice’, representing their visions to the town council and the South Downs National Park.

“I thought the wider community should have a say. I have lived in Petworth for most of my life 
and with other residents, want to be involved in the future of the town. This is not an association, but a voluntary group.

“The first few people I spoke to are really excited about the group. It’s early days yet, but people are backing me all the way.

“There might be criticism and not everybody will want it, but I feel it’s a positive way forward for the residents of Petworth.

“We need a democratic voice together, which is open to any resident.

“It’s not just about the neighbourhood plan, but anything and everything in the town.

“This is not a fight, but a positive idea, with residents working together, with 
one voice.

“The town council do some brilliant work, and spend a lot of time and effort around the town. But the rest of the residents are not feeling involved.

“The community should be on alert for the changes proposed by the town council and the SDNPA.

“I’m concerned that none of the residents to date know anything about the neighbourhood plan.”

Town council chairman Chris Kemp said he did not wish to comment.