Petworth’s plinth to be restored

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The historical plinth in Petworth that was knocked down by a lorry last month is undergoing repairs.

The Leconfield Estate confirmed the plinth, which held a memorial lamp above it, was being worked on by electricians after the structure was damaged in September when a lorry reversed into it.

The 5ft structure, which is named Barry’s Obelisk, was built in 1851, and its absence has left an obvious gap in the landscape.

But the Leconfield Estate said although they could not confirm a date, the plinth will be back in its rightful place in the near future.

The structure, which stood at the junction of Church Street and East Street, was a gift from Sir Charles Barry, the joint architect of the Houses of Parliament.

He presented the plinth and memorial lamp to Lord Leconfield, as thanks for providing the town with gas and lighting.

A large lorry reversed into the plinth on September 12, and the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called to fix an electrical fault in the lamp.

They then decided to remove the structure from the junction, as it was in a ‘precarious position’, and there were fears it could fall into the road.