Petworth skate park plans could be moved to Hampers Green

Long-awaited plans for a skate park at Petworth’s Sylvia Beaufoy youth centre could be transferred to Hampers Green.

At a meeting of Petworth Town Council it was reported the possibility had been discussed at the annual meeting of the youth club after a suggestion from a member of the club.

Richard Chandler, chairman of the town council’s Open Spaces Committee, told the meeting his committee had discussed the proposal at their last meeting.

“It was generally felt Hampers Green would be a very good site,” he said, adding he believed it would certainly be a better location than the present plan to site the skate park in the Sylvia Beaufoy car park.

“This would be a much better area for the facility because if it were at the Sylvia Beaufoy it would mean taking car parking spaces away and in my opinion it would be quite cramped there.”

He said the project was being led by Chichester District Council and £45,000 in planning development money had been held for the project by the district council for several years.

He said Chichester District Council officers were now investigating the new possibility and consulting with the youth club.