Petworth Town Council budget under scrutiny

Petworth Town Council offices
Petworth Town Council offices

PETWORTH Town Council has delayed finalising its budget, after fears were expressed of the parish precept increasingly dramatically.

The draft budget put forward proposals to increase the precept from £57,000 to around £111,000.

Petworth Town Council

Petworth Town Council

However councillors have expressed concerns this would place a burden on households in the town.

The average taxpayer paid around £40 for the town council precept this year. Doubling it would take it to around £80.

Neville Fox said: “To increase it by 100 per cent is a bit out of order.

“I think we have got to look at the community and Petworth is not a very wealthy area.

“There are a lot of people struggling in Petworth.

“To find an extra £40, that is a lot for some people.”

Maggie Smith said she was ‘very uncomfortable about a 100 per cent increase’, while Tony Sneller added: “Our food bank served three people yesterday.

“That is the sort of community we are living in.

“What can the community afford to pay - not how far can we push.”

The budget will be finalised at a meeting early in the new year.