Petworth youth centre threatened after funding is axed

The future of the Sylvia Beaufoy Youth Centre at Petworth is under threat following West Sussex County Council’s decision to axe its funding, which totals some £20,000 a year.

And chairman of the management committee Clive Fish has warned that without financial support from the town council, other organisations and help from the community: ‘the centre has got problems’.

The bombshell was dropped at the start of the year when Mr Fish and his management team were told they will lose their staff, a full-time leader and two part-timers as well as funding to meet the day-to-day running costs.

“It’s very, very disappointing,” said Mr Fish. “As a centre we have been very lucky in having brilliant leaders. Now we are told there will be no financial support although they will continue to give advisory support – but finance is the lifeblood. Without money we cannot run and the future of the centre is threatened.”

Full story see Midhurst and Petworth Observer,Thursday, February 23