Photographer takes limited-edition calendar to Buckingham Palace

A Caspian at Cowdray Park Polo Club's Ambersham Grounds
A Caspian at Cowdray Park Polo Club's Ambersham Grounds

GRAFFHAM equine photographer Colin Barker visited Buckingham Palace yesterday to personally present his charity calendar to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Colin and film-maker Farokh Khorooshi were granted an audience with Prince Philip due to his keen interest in Caspian horses.

The pair presented a signed copy of the limited-edition Caspian Horse Society calendar, featuring stunning photographs taken by Colin in many countries.

Colin, of The Street, said: “The calendar celebrates the 50th anniversary of the rediscovery of the Caspian horse in Amol, northern Iran, by Louise Firouz in 1965.

“The Duke of Edinburgh has held an interest in the welfare of the Caspian horse since being gifted two Caspian horses, a stallion and a mare, by Louise in 1971.”

Colin has spent two years on the project, travelling to Iran and six other countries to capture images of these rare horses.

He and Farokh, the project leader, want to raise awareness of the endangered breed and to raise funds to start a gene bank.

The Caspian horse pre-dates the Arabian horse and is the ancestor of many hot-bloods.

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