Picture Gallery: Midhurst films Happy video

VISITORS to Midhurst over the Easter weekend may have seen dozens of residents and traders happily dancing in the streets.

And it was all timed, choreographed and organised to perfection.

Traders filming for the Midhurst Happy video

Traders filming for the Midhurst Happy video

Because community group Midhurst Together has set about recreating a video which has reached an audience of around 187 million people worldwide on YouTube.

The original video accompanies the song Happy, by American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer Pharrell Williams.

Groups around the world have staged their own attempts at recreating the video, each bringing their own unique style.

The Midhurst video is a community-wide activity and anyone was welcome to join in and share their ideas and suggestions.

More than 30 groups from across the area have been filmed, including the Midhurst Players, the Rugby Club, the Midhurst School of Dance, the Boot Camp, the Pony Club, patrons of the Swan and Royal Oak, the Polo Club, MADhurst Committee, the Grange, MRC, Conifers, the Zumba Group, Centre Stage Academy, the Primary School, Midhurst Milers and the Snack Shack.

Organisers also went around the town filming several businesses, shops and cafes that asked to be included.

The purpose was to ‘make a good-quality community video’ that can be placed on YouTube and town websites, to showcase Midhurst as a great place to live and visit.

“The emphasis is on spontaneity and fun, not perfection,” organisers added.

Shooting will be finished by April 25 and the video will be premiered at a Community Links service in the parish church on Sunday, May 11 at 10am.

Anyone is welcome to go along to watch the epic piece.

And the group have done their best to put their own individual flair and spin on the video, while adhering to aspects of the original song lyrics.

One of the lines of the Happy song is ‘Room without a roof’, so the group shot a sequence in the Cowdray Ruins.

They also shot some of the film in St Ann’s Castle, Market Square and South Pond.

Sarah Murison from the Midhurst Happy Video Planning Group said: “We are very grateful to Cowdray Estate for opening up the ruin on a Sunday afternoon for us to film.

“Thanks also go to Jasmine Poole Photography for making the video, to Good Gracious Music for lending a portable speaker, the Midhurst Dance School for developing choreographed sets and to the many people who have helped by bringing people into the process, and worked quite hard on the logistics of making individual shoots happen.”

People were also invited to film their own section for the video, using their cameras or smart phones.

Similar versions have also been filmed by people in Belfast, by Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany, the Aldingbourne Trust and the staff of Midhurst Rother College.

The Midhurst Happy video was more than a month in the making, with organisers arranging meetings in the Bricklayers Arms to plan and choreograph their routines.