Plans for new Midhurst homes are ‘low’ density

PLANS for five new houses close to Southlands Park on the borders of Midhurst and West Lavington have been unveiled to Midhurst town councillors.

Developers Talisman Homes are hoping to build five detached houses on the ‘tennis court’ site, so-called because it was once part of West Lavington Hill House which burned down several years ago.

Planning consultant with Pro Vision Planning and Design, Jeremy Higgins, said the site was in an area designated as countryside in Chichester District Council’s planning policy.

He said it was a very low-density development on a site previously earmarked for as many as 30 homes.

The access for one home would be through Goodwood Close and the other four would be accessed through Southlands Park.

A Goodwood Close resident said she had been assured there would be no future access through the close. 
Mr Higgins was asked to explore whether this could be redesigned.