Police appeal for help to stop raves across Midhurst and Petworth

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POLICE are appealing to members of the public to be on their guard against any signs of an illegal rave as the Easter bank holiday approaches.

The Chichester District Neighbourhood Policing Team is asking people to report any suspicious 
activity such as the removal of locks from secured 
access points, vehicles, particularly panel vans or larger, driving of road groups of vehicles congregating in rural areas, convoys of vehicles or loud music from remote woodland.

A spokesman for the policing team said: “Please report any such activity on the Sussex Police non-emergency number of 101 as soon 
as possible, quoting 
Operation Allegro.

“By receiving early warnings, Sussex Police have a much better chance of disrupting the rave and dispersing those responsible for its organisation.”

Extra police patrols are to be mounted throughout the Chichester district over the coming Easter holiday weekend from April 18-21.

“Any early intelligence of rave activity gained from members of the public will be passed to these patrols as soon as it is received,” said the police spokesman.

If any member of the public has any information about illegal raves or those 
involved in their organisation, they should contact Sussex Police using the 101 
telephone or email contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk