Police halt search for ‘missing’ woman in pyjamas near River Rother at Easebourne

POLICE have called off their search for a woman spotted wandering by the River Rother at Easebourne, after it emerged she may have been taking part in a charity event organised by Midhurst Rother College.

Around 4am yesterday (Thursday 29 March) police searched woodland near River Rother, after a security guard became concerned for the welfare of a woman who, police were told, was dressed in her nightwear and appeared upset and possibly suicidal.

An extensive search was mounted throughout the day, inquiries were made to try and identify the woman and the police helicopter was called in to help trace her.

But, said a police spokesman: “Through the course of inquiries, it became apparent that a charity event involving pupils from a local school wearing pyjamas was being held in the area at the time. Police then re-visited the original caller and established that the information initially provided was incorrect and the woman was not in fact threatening to harm herself.

“As a result of this, together with the fact that there were no further sightings of the woman, and no reported missing persons who matched the description, it is believed that the sighting of the woman was linked to the charity event and therefore the search was halted.”