Police prevent illegal rave in Fittleworth

Scores of people were moved on by police officers following reports that an illegal rave was being set up in Fittleworth.

Sussex Police said about 40 to 50 revellers were already at the event at a site in Fittleworth, Chichester, in the early hours of Sunday, April 25.

The force said officers directed the organisers to dismantle the sound equipment and stage they had set up.

Following the incident it warned that illegal raves would not be tolerated.

Ch Insp Ali Darge said: "The early notification of the rave enabled Sussex Police to respond quickly and restore peace to the local area.

"It is important that we send a clear message to anyone considering holding a rave that it will not be tolerated and anyone organising such an event will risk prosecution and their vehicles and equipment being confiscated."