Do people know about West Sussex County Council elections?

AS residents in the Observer area headed to the polls we asked shoppers whether they knew about the county council elections.

We also asked shoppers whether or not they were planning to vote.

Stewart Hamilton, 46, from East Wittering, said: “I am hoping to vote. It’s not easy to get to the polling station where I live so it depends on when I finish work as I finish late.”

Shelly Tate, 25, from Bognor Regis, said: “I won’t be voting because I haven’t registered since I moved.”

Tracie Bangert, 49, from Southbourne, said: “I will be voting, I always vote. I always vote for Liberal Democrats but I’ll be voting Conservative this time. I think there will be a few protest votes.”

Angela Gresham-Cooke, 68, from Tillington, said: “I am voting – I almost always vote.”

Jan Hollis, 66, from Barnham, said: “I hope to – things might get in the way but I plan to.”

Sasha Baklnova, 27, from Chichester, said: “I won’t be voting. No particular reason, I don’t think I’ve ever voted in my life. Can you vote online? This generation is used to doing everything online, I don’t want to spend half a day going to vote.”

Live coverage from the election counts will be available on our Live and Interactive page tomorrow.