ELECTION 2015: Chichester - Jasper Richmond (Green Party)

I am a husband, father and firefighter, a Chichester resident who has lived in West Sussex since 1987.

For many years I have been an active trade unionist and a campaigner for equality.

I truly believe that an equal society is not only better but will also function properly.

Chichester is a charming Georgian town, but issues around inequality, unsustainable infrastructure and the erosion of the town’s identity are emerging.

Across the district are lively communities in towns, villages and hamlets.

The countryside is stunning, as is the coastline.

However, I feel strongly that this wonderful place to live and work is increasingly vulnerable.

As a candidate my main concerns are:

:: The imposition of large-scale housing developments which destroy the environment and have an adverse impact on infrastructure.

:: Environmentally-damaging plans to exploit potential gas/oil deposits.

:: The lack of an integrated affordable public transport network.

:: The abundance of low-paid insecure jobs that offer no future.

:: The erosion of public services.

:: A lack of truly affordable housing that will get worse for generations to come.

I want to help create an environment that is safe for all and encourages a sense of community and social cohesion.

The first priority of any government is to protect the people it governs.

The Green Party is the only party that has the guile and imagination to see that this is possible, but that we have to change the way we run our economy and our institutions.

On a global scale we have to address the issues around climate change. The consequences around food supply, flooding and displaced populations cannot simply be ignored. Agreements must be reached and seen through for the sake of all of us, in the present and in the future.

This is England in the year 2015.

It is a defining time, one in which I want to help us all move towards a better society.

Austerity is doing nothing for the majority of people except making life worse.

The Green Party can see this and the dark future it holds for our children and grandchildren.

It is time for a change; the Green Party can make that happen.