Road campaigners in Angel Street, Petworth, appeal to their MP for help

Campaigners fighting for road-safety measures in Petworth’s Angel Street have now taken their case to their MP, Nick Herbert.

John and Shirley Morgan have been fighting on behalf of their fellow residents in Angel Street, making frequent pleas to Petworth town councillors for help, but have so far been unsuccessful in getting any measures put in place.

Now the couple have told Mr Herbert: “This is a heartfelt plea from the people of Angel Street. We have campaigned for two years for some action to be taken regarding our speeding and dangerous traffic situation, all to no avail.

“There are places where the footpath is only 18 inches wide with minimal kerbs. Cars, buses and HGV’s regularly mount the pavement in front of and behind walking pedestrians with no concern for their safety.”

They added: “Incredibly we have been told by the powers that be, they are waiting for two fatalities before any action will be taken. You can hopefully understand how we have taken this appalling attitude.

Full story in the Midhurst and Petworth Observer.