Sussex Decides: slight drop in Chichester turnout

Ballot box
Ballot box

Turnout figures have come in for the Chichester constituency, showing a drop of nearly one per cent from the 2010 election.

According to the returning officer, there was a 68.6-per-cent turnout in the Chichester constituency, from 69.7 per cent in 2010.

The figure was initially expected to be higher given the amount of time it has taken to verify the ballots.

All the candidates are now at Westgate Leisure Centre, where the votes are being counted, following the arrival of Andrew Tyrie.

The 2010 turnout was itself an increase on the 2005 election by 4.5 per cent, meaning although the turnout has fallen this year it is yet to drop to the 2005 level of 65.2 per cent.

There is still no indication of when a result is due, with it not expected to be until after 5am.