'˜Zero tolerance' for banners and posters at town entrances in Midhurst

Midhurst town councillors have restated their campaign to keep the entrances to the town free from litter and uncontrolled fly posting.

Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 6:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:33 am

They have warned they will adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ stance to posters and banners which appear without permission anywhere in the town, particularly in the Conservation Area.

Their action was prompted by a request from a slimming organisation which wanted to display a banner on the railings at the bottom of North Street, close to the bus station.

Town clerk Heather Ongley said she had brought the request before town councillors at their last full meeting because: “I understand that up until now if we have seen banners there we have taken them down because they have not been sanctioned.”

They commended the organisation for making the request rather than taking it upon themselves to just display the banner as other groups had done, but they said they could not agree to the request.

Town council chairman Mark Purves said: “We must have a zero tolerance to posters and banners being put up everywhere. It is uncontrollable and so difficult to police so we have to say ‘no’ to everyone. We are not just talking about the railings but all the other places posters appear in the town without permission.”

John Quilter told the meeting: “I think these banners on the railings at the entrance to the town look dreadful. We want to present a good image of Midhurst and it does nothing for the town when visitors see these huge banners.”

Steve Morley said he thought posters outside Midhurst Rother College were also an eyesore.

“Some are nothing to do with the school. A sign for something going on in Haslemere as you enter the town is not pleasant.”

Judy Fowler told fellow town councillors there was little point in their spending funds to try and enhance the Stag Garden at the northern entrance to the town if the unsightly banners were allowed.

Town councillors agreed to write to Midhurst Rother College in a bid to encourage the school to keep its grounds fronting onto North Street free from advertising banners.