Potholes are still a nightmare on roads in the Midhurst and Petworth area

WEST Sussex County Council’s nightmare pothole problem is continuing, Petworth’s representative Chris Duncton told town councillors.

e said £8.5m had been taken from reserves to deal with repairs to roads caused by the recent wet and freezing weather.

“It has played absolute havoc with the roads in the county. Six extra repair teams have been put on and they are repairing 1,250 potholes every week,” he said.

“Potholes are the biggest issue I have to deal with.”

He said surface water on roads had to go somewhere and one of the issues was working with landowners to make sure they did their part.

“We have to get together with partners to do the job between us. If the council has to do it on their own it will be £8.5m just washed away.”