Pupils are given a taste of life as wartime vaccies at Bury


CHILDREN at Dorset House School in Bury stepped back in time to the second world war - dressing as evacuees, complete with gas mask box, suitcase and label.

It was all part of Year 4’s evacuation project.

And to give pupils a taste of what it was really like they were turned into ‘vaccies’ for the school week.

They took the train from Pulborough to Amberley and were waved off by their parents, who also dressed in period costume.

They walked along the river bank from Amberley to spend the night at Bury Manor, which is at the heart of Dorset House School, housing the dormitories and dining room.

The children were greeted by boarding parents, Jason and Katarina Marconi who posed as Lord and Lady Marconi.

A postcard was written home to reassure anxious parents and was followed with a ‘rationed’ meal.

The evening was spent playing games and enjoying a wartime sing-along with Father David Twinley, vicar of Bury.

The children stayed at the school and continued in the role of evacuees all week, with a visit from the Rainbow Theatre and a series of wartime activities, including cooking, knitting and ‘make-do-and-mend’.

The kitchen staff entered into the spirit by cooking wartime lunches each day - including spam fritters.