Pupils get up and get active at Plaistow and Kirdford


CHILDREN at Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School are limbering up for a very special athletic date on their calendar.

The school has just launched a series of sporting activities in preparation for sport’s week which takes place at the beginning of March.

Some classes have been taking part in ‘Gugafit’ workshops which aim to increase the fitness and stamina of the children while getting them to participate in exciting healthy sporting activities.

Charlie King who came to the school as its new head teacher at the start of the summer term, last year said: “We pride ourselves as a school on the sporting opportunities we provide. The children all had a great time in their first session.

“The coaches put each class through a gruelling but fun general fitness test. The children are already excited about next week’s Gugafit lessons. Year 3 children’s favourite test was to see how many punches they could throw in 60 seconds.”

He said the school was using its sports premium funding to pay for the coaches to go into school and work with all the children over the next six weeks leading up to a final session in sport’s week.

“Sports Week is going to be very exciting. The first sessions have been very successful and the children are keen to carry on.”

Gugafit, which stands for ‘get up, get active’, has developed several schemes of work that meet the new PE curriculum criteria and provide schools with the chance to invest their funding in an all inclusive fun programme’.