Puss in Boots comes to visit Lynchmere

LYNCHMEREANS are putting on their 67th pantomime which this year is again written by Fredrick Tibbs.

The cast of Puss in Boots has been rehearsing for three months and will be performing for all ages on four days.

The story is similar to the traditional but with a few modern twists, songs, dances and new jokes.

The Miller has died. The eldest, Maximus Aurelius (Tristen Skelly), is left the mill¸ his shares in Microsoft and his house in the Maldives, the second son Titus Andronicus (Aidan Skelly) is bequeathed his Rolls Royce, a pass to Glyndebourne and the collection of Faberge eggs, but the last son, Colin (Jamie Holland) receives only the mill’s cat.

The King (Ben Holland) and Queen (Faye Cooper) in their castle are having a problem with their daughter Beatrix, (Karen Garrett).

But it is in the Ogre’s castle where life is transformed for them all.

Puss in Boots will be showing in the Hardman Hoyle Memorial Hall in Hammer.

Matinees are on December 26, 27 and 28 at 2.30pm with an evening performance on Monday, December 29, at 7pm.

Tickets are £6 each.

If a group includes an under 16, all tickets become £5.

If ten tickets or more are bought together they are £4.

Tickets can be purchased by sending a note of order with a cheque to Elizabeth Ibbotson at 17 Marley Combe Road Camelsdale, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 3SN (please include an SAE).

Alternatively, call Elizabeth on 01428 658179 or send an email to elizabethibbotson@btinternet.com.