Queen Boudica steals the show on Midhurst Rother College prom night

WAITING crowds were not disappointed as Midhurst Rother College Year 11 pupils began to arrive for their long-awaited prom evening.

Held at Old Thorns in Liphook, the glamorous students thrilled friends and family as they made their elegant and sometimes unusual entrances for the great evening.



Modes of transport varied from American custom classics, a tractor and motor bikes, to elegant Bristol cars and limousines.

But the prize for the most novel entry went to Lucy van Zwanenberg who tore up the drive in Boudica style, pulled along by her team of husky dogs.

“MRC students never fail to impress with their inventive ways to wow, their elegance, 
and immaculate sense of dress and occasion,” said one onlooker.