Questions after South Harting lane gets another revamp

THE resurfacing of a country lane in South Harting leading to just three homes with some ten car movements a day has been questioned in the current times of economic hardship.

Chichester district councillor for Harting, Andrew Shaxson, said his surprise was even greater when he discovered it was the second time in two years work had been carried out in the lane.

“And it’s now in a worse condition than prior to when it was done,” he told members West Sussex County Council’s county local committee in Lodsworth last week. “I thought road maintenance was being rationed very severely because of the financial cuts required.”

But chairman of the committee Michael Brown told him he was responsible for the county council’s purse strings.

“One thing I have done is protect the highways budget. It has not been cut, it has been increased. This is because in rural areas, roads are absolutely vital,” he said.

“We have a legal duty to keep the roads up to standard. If we were to take the view this road only had ten movements and didn’t require work, we would be abrogating our duty.”

He said if the road was in a worse condition after maintenance, that was a matter which would have to be investigated as contractors were required to go back and make good at their own cost.