Readers react to Natalie's '˜distressing' Tesco Chichester experience

A story about a disabled woman's '˜distressing' experience at Tesco Chichester has prompted readers to take to social media and express their support.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 12:26 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:09 pm
Natalie has called for change. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Natalie Goddard has been in a wheelchair for three years and suffers from chronic illnesses which mean she needs to have access to disabled facilities when she’s out and about.

But on Friday she said she was struck in the face by a broken fitting in a disabled toilet at Tesco Extra in Fishbourne Road, and she decided enough was enough.

The story drew lots of comments on the Observer Facebook page.

Gemma Benham said: “All the Tesco’s toilets in Chichester are nasty everybody deserves clean safe toilets to use!”

Stacy Drye commented: “My Mum has been disabled for the best part of 30 years. In our experience the majority of disabled loos wherever you go are smelly, wet and dirty floors and there have been countless broken seats.

“It never seems to have got better over the years.

“Fair play to Natalie to highlight this issue but it does seem like no one seems to think it is important.”

Shelley Dennis told Natalie: “Don’t regret anything, if they had listened to you then you would of never lost your temper.

“Time to clean up the toilets as some people need them.”

Teresa Mcallister said “The toilets in Tesco Chichester are disgusting.

“Many a compliant has been made about the smell and state of them in general.

“Not surprised this happened to this poor girl.”

But Kathy Boulton said: “Regardless of the state of the toilets it is not the fault of staff, it is management therfore it is unacceptable to abuse staff.”