Record year for Petworth museum

THE Petworth Cottage Museum has had a second record year with the number of adult visitors up again and more children visiting as well.

Chairman, Gordon Stevenson told a meeting of friends and stewards the Heritage Open Day in September when the museum was free to all visitors, was very busy with over 55 visitors crowding into the museum in one afternoon. The adult admission fee had risen by 50p at the start of 2010 and together with sales of postcards and guide books, the turnover from visitors has risen by over £800.

During the year Ann Bradley who conceived and created the museum, retired. “The remaining trustees are dedicated to maintaining the unspoilt character of the cottage and the sense of it being Mrs Cummings’ home. It is also important to thank Max Bradley who did so much for the museum,” said Mr Stevenson.

Peter Jerrome retired as chairman and curator, and from compiling the stewards’ rota, but remained a trustee and continued to look after the garden. Raymond Harris who carried out and supervised all the original building work retired as a trustee.

But Mr Stevenosn announced two new trustees, Celia Lilly and Debbie Wright. Other trustees continuing in their roles are Debby Stevenson (secretary), Michael Tudor (treasurer), Yvonne Butterick (friends secretary), and Anne Simmons.

If anyone is interested in volunteering as a steward or joining the Friends, they should call 01798 343496 or email to