Refurbishment in progress at old Midhurst library


MIDHURST Town Council is set to move into its new home at the old library in Knockhundred Row at the end of November after the first stages of refurbishment work have been carried out.

John Quilter, chairman of the premises group, told fellow town councillors it was hoped the office would be moved before the end of the month. The current Capron House office would be painted and handed back to the Cowdray Estate by November 30.

Already the project to provide a new town council home and community facilities has received a £300 grant from Midhurst and Petworth Rotary Club for materials to redecorate.

Students at Chichester College have completed painting the kitchen area and the new town council office as part of their training and are due to start redecorating the main areas.

Mr Quilter also reported that old library shelving and unwanted materials had been cleared out and mostly recycled for other uses.

“We are delighted that a Midhurst resident, Adrian Moore, who has project management experience, has come forward and volunteered to act as project manager for the transition to Midhurst Town Council working offices,” said Mr Quilter.

He said estimates for electrical work were being obtained and the kitchen was to be refitted, with a new hot water boiler being installed.

A working party of volunteers was due to meet on Thursday (September 18) to carry the project forward.

Mr Quilter said ‘short-term’ refurbishment of the toilet was planned so facilities were available before the building was in full-time occupation.

But Colin Hughes told him it was essential to fully refurbish and provide more toilet facilities as soon as possible.

There was a sum of money available, he said, given by developers building in Petersfield Road and earmarked for community facilities.

Town councillors agreed the first priority for the use of this money would be the toilet refurbishment.

Mr Quilter said there had been great interest expressed in the library facilities, but stressed there was no booking structure or pricing in place yet.