Residents’ dismay over Midhurst parking move

THE residents’ association in the historic core of Midhurst has asked for a meeting with town councillors to discuss parking.

The move comes after members of the town council said they wanted to see parking restrictions re-instated in South Street and Red Lion Street.

They said they believed their removal had been only temporary while major refurbishment work took place in Market Square. But they were surprised to discover they had been made permanent and were concerned neighbouring residents were laying claim to spaces for long-term parking.

This, they believed, was at the expense of shoppers and visitors to the town.

MOTRA (Midhurst Old Town Residents and Business association) said it was ‘disappointed’ to learn the town council wanted to make changes.

“The current arrangements were the subject of much discussion at the meetings organised by West Sussex County Council in 2011 concerning the Market Square and Church Hill improvements.

“At the conclusion of the meetings, there was a consensus among the stakeholders (which included Midhurst Town Council) that the revised arrangements, which are now in place, would be the optimal compromise between the various needs and wishes of the stakeholders.”

MOTRA claimed the real problem was there were insufficient parking spaces in and close to Midhurst old town.

“The loss of 50 or so spaces in the Grange Car Park has made parking in Midhurst even more of a problem than it used to be; and no improvement is likely 
until significantly more spaces are added.”

See letters page Midhurst and Petworth Observer Thursday April 24