RESULTS: Chichester District Council election 2011

Below is a list of the Chichester District Council elections held yesterday (Thursday, May 5).

The make-up of the council is now:

Conservatives - 38 seats

Liberal Democrats - eight seats

Independents - two seats




Myles, Antony Cullen (Con), 1,059 ; Myers, David John (Con), 1,079

Not elected: Brown, Jonathan (Lib Dem), 476; Pengelly, Wendy Virginia (Lab), 314.


Elected: Potter, Henry (Con), 624.

Not elected: Fairley, Susan (Independent), 175; Van Hoek, Edgar (Lab), 103.


Elected: Elliott, John Francis (Con), 672.

Not elected: Batchelor, Julian (UKIP), 112; Hares, David (Lib Dem), 238.

Chichester East

Elected: Cox, Quentin Robson (Lib Dem), 1,103; French, Tony (Lib Dem), 1,085; Woolley, Michael (Lib Dem), 1,082.

Not elected: Earnshaw-Mansell, Ben (Lab), 705.

Chichester North

Elected: Budge, Peter (Con), 1,386; Dignum, Tony (Con), 1,378; Lloyd-Williams, Simon (Con), 1,205.

Not elected: Hughes, John (Lib Dem), 639; Mason, Michael Alan Hamilton (UKIP), 257; Olney, Ivan (Lib Dem), 649; Plowman, Richard (Lib Dem), 886; Waite, Michael (Lab), 444.

Chichester South

Elected: Chaplin, Alan (Lib Dem), 894; Dignum, Pam (Con), 892; Scicluna, Anne (Lib Dem), 1,048.

Not elected: Hastings, Steve (Con), 740; Lloyd, Penny (Con), 727; Rowlands, Lois Jeannine (Lab), 392; Siggs, David John, (Lib Dem), 836.

Chichester West

Elected: Apel, Clare (Lib Dem), 748; Bell, Martyn (Con), 702.

Not elected: Beeson, Lenon (Lab), 304; Field, Bob (Con), 474; McCulloch, Jim (UKIP), 201; Shone, Michael Raymond (Lib Dem), 606.


Elected: Ridd, John (Con), 682.

Not elected: Cheetham, Sue (Independent), 221.


Elected: Hamilton, Elizabeth Angela Booth (Con), 552.

Not elected: Austin, Alan (Lib Dem), 285; Coote, David Frank (Lab), 106.

East Wittering

Elected: Barrett, Graeme Arthur Frederick (Con), 1,089; Clementson, Peter (Con), 981.

Not elected: O’Sullivan, Patrick Joseph (Lab), 458.


Elected: Caird, Heather (Con), 1,050; Graves, Norma (Con), 955.

Not Elected: Bonnett, Jeremy (Lib Dem), 376; Martin-Jenkins, David (Lib Dem), 364; Moncrieff, Andrew Malcolm (UKIP), 412; Smith, John Thomas (Lab), 247.


Elected: Carr, Simon (Lib Dem), 571.

Not elected: Ruscoe, Paul (Con), 403.


Elected unopposed: Tassell, Julie (Con).


Elected unopposed: Shaxson, Andrew Michael (Independent).


Elected: Smith, Andrew Robert Homan (Lib Dem), 448.

Not elected: Barstow, John Edward (Con), 316; Rowlands, Paul Edward (Lab), 94.


Elected: McAra, Gordon Valentine (Independent), 768; Weekes, Brian (Con), 777.

Not elected: Auchard, Judith (Lib Dem), 380; Fowler, Judy (Lib Dem), 367; Thomas, Nick (Con), 718; Young, Andrew William (Lab), 201.

North Mundham

Elected: Jarvis, Paul (Con), 509.

Not elected: Moss, Allis (Lib Dem), 325.


Elected: Duncton, Janet Elizabeth (Con), 1,252; Lintill, Elieen Patricia (Con), 1,082.

Not elected: Colmer, Philip (Lib Dem), 260; Maxwell, Jeanne Kathleen (UKIP), 216; Pearce, Nicola (Lib Dem), 250; Ross-Brown, Adrian (UKIP), 184.


Elected: Hardwick, Philippa (Con), 1,090; Westmore, Linda (Con), 1,015.

Not elected: Bacon, Tania (Lib Dem), 462; Cooper, Ray (Lib Dem), 477; Weingartner, Gail (UKIP), 224.


Elected: Kingston, John (Con), 990.

Not elected: Turner, Frances, (Lab), 97.

Selsey North

Elected: Connor, John (Con), 1,237; Purnell, Carol (Con), 1,132; Tinson, Bev (Con), 1,051.

Not elected: Dyer, Margaret (Lab), 550; Smith, Ann (Independent), 450.

Selsey South

Elected: O’Brien, Roland (Con), 914; Robertson, Fred (Con), 942.

Not elected: Smith, Bernard Arthur (UKIP), 369; Stevens, Michael (Lab), 280.


Elected: Tull, Tricia (Con), 477.

Not elected: Pound, Diana (Lib Dem), 329.


Elected: Finch, Bruce (Con), 1,104; Hayes, Robert James (Con), 1,154; Hicks, Graham (Con), 1,158.

Not elected: Cecil, Stephanie (Lib Dem), 621; Feltham, Alan Gordon (Independent), 318; Gowlett, Roger (Lib Dem), 836; MacDougall, Philip (Lib Dem), 584; Miller, Janet Cynthia (Lab), 346.


Elected: Cherry, John (Con), 772.

Not elected: Robinson, Philip James (Lab), 187.


Elected: Oakley, Simon (Con), 618.

Not elected: Beach, Kate (Lab), 201.

West Wittering

Elected: Marshall, Roger Michael James (Con), 1,299; Montyn, Pieter (Con), 1,348.

Not elected: Churchill, Gordon Trevor (Lab), 243; Crossley, Steve (Independent), 486; Tilbury, Roger (Lib Dem), 361.


Elected: Elliott, Maureen Eleanor (Con), 515.

Not Elected: Jones, Alfred (Lib Dem), 345.

Wisborough Green

Elected: Ransley, Josef (Con), 768.

Not elected: Wood, Roger (Lib Dem), 287.