Results of survey on housing revealed


Results of a consultation into future housing in Petworth have been announced by the town council.

More than 270 responses were submitted on the draft Neighbourhood Plan between June 17 and July 8 that detailed three main options for housing development.

The consultation followed a request by the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for 150 new homes in Petworth over the next 15 years.

The majority of respondents, at 57 per cent, voted to include sites adjacent to Petworth Primary School and to the south of the town under Option 1.

Thirty-four per cent chose Option 3, three sites to the north of the town in the vicinity of Hampers Green, and nine per cent opted for Option 2, to develop sites predominantly to the west and east of the town.

When commenting on Housing Option 1, many residents felt a new access road to Petworth Primary School would reduce congestion.

At the same time, respondents stressed the need for careful landscaping to preserve the character of the area.

Chairman of the Petworth Neighbourhood Plan steering group, Douglas Cooper, said: “We are truly thankful to everyone who spent their valuable time to come to the event on 17th June, take part in the online survey or fill in a questionnaire.

“The views from our community are critical to determine where houses might be built in Petworth in the future.”

Respondents were also invited to comment on transport improvement ideas.

Popular interventions were to add town entry signs to slow traffic, to create a new shared foot or cycle path parallel to North Street to better connect Hampers Green to the town centre, and to widen town centre footpaths.

The Draft Plan will be shared with the public in March next year, with a final plan expected to be ready for a referendum in early 2018.

A full report and consultation materials are available on the Petworth Town Council website: