Roadside felling takes place near Heyshott to remove trees in ‘severe decline’

‘Significant roadside felling’ is taking place near Heyshott to remove trees impacted by ash dieback disease which present a risk to road users.

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 11:46 am
The felled trees

A spokesman for the Cowdray Estate confirmed that the Estate, along with other landowners in the area, was taking action to remove ash trees identified as showing ‘advanced stages of decline and significant defoliation’.

Some of the trees affected by the disease were large and close to the road and needed to be removed before they deteriorated to the point of failure, the spokesman said.

It comes after a Graffham resident, Nick Lobley, raised concerns about ‘mature, established’ tree felling taking place adjacent to the road leading from the A286 past Bex Mill to Heyshott.

He said: “Trees are important to the future of our planet.”

The Cowdray Estate spokesman said it had also taken the opportunity to remove a number of other roadside trees that were in ‘severe decline’, including several semi-mature oak trees and other minor species.

Underwood, including hazel and willow, has also been cut back from areas where it was encroaching towards the highway.

The spokesman said the work had been done to a high standard, minimising disruption to road users and ensuring that the roadside edges can be properly managed in the future.

“Unfortunately due to the very wet weather conditions the last of the timber and brash has had to be temporarily left on site to prevent excessive ground damage,” the spokesman said.

“This work will be finished when weather conditions allow.

“The timber and arisings from the work will be used in local firewood and biomass market.”

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