Romantic Midhurst firefighter pops the burning question

Joe makes his charity descent with his proposal written on his back
Joe makes his charity descent with his proposal written on his back

STEDHAM teacher Dawn Wearing, 23, had absolutely no idea Joe Watters was going to propose, and especially not in front of a crowd of thousands from 300ft up the Spinnaker Tower.

“I had lulled her into a false sense of security before by not being too enthusiastic when we talked about it,” said Joe, 27.

But he was already hatching his plan to change his T-shirt before he began his descent which had ‘Marry me Dawn?’ emblazoned across his back.

“I thought it would be a good time to propose because our families were all there, but she was about the last person to see the words,” he said. “I could hear the whole crowd cheering and then I heard her call out ‘yes.’

When he reached the bottom 
of the tower, Joe gallantly got down on one knee and presented Dawn with the ring he had brought with him on his charity abseil, much to the delight of the appreciative crowd.

“I am so glad she said ‘yes’, it would have been a logistical nightmare if she had said ‘no’,” a relieved Joe told the Observer.

There is still time to make a charity donation to the brave Midhurst crew and Joe, who surely deserves special support for his courageous and very public marriage proposal.

Donations can be given at Joe Watters Just Giving