Rother Valley schools raise cash for good causes

SCHOOL councillors from primary schools in the Rother Valley area met to discuss fundraising.

Councillors from nine of the Rother Valley primary schools shared experiences of recent fundraisers and exchanged thoughts about why raising money for a good cause was worthwhile.

At Camelsdale, Year 5 and 6 wash cars twice a year at £5 a car.

Signs are up in the village and there is a soap station, a water station and a drying station.

Last time, they worked for two hours and raised £270.

Every year the money goes to different places, such as the Ugandan Watoto children. Lara from Camelsdale and Shakib from Midhurst told their fellow councillors the event was lots of fun, and for a good cause.

Easebourne CE Primary School had 190 students and each of them was given a Smarties tube.

They ate the contents then filled the tube with 20p coins. £5 fits in each tube, which raised money to improve their playground, and add an adventure trail.

Fernhurst School did a class four art sale where they sold art the children created.

All the funds went to the Roald Dahl charity because the topic was Roald Dahl.

Year 1 and 2 children at Harting raised just over £1,000 for their outside play area, collecting sponsorship from parents and family to walk up to the top of Harting Down.

Midhurst Primary School raised £2,050, walking, skipping, biking, running, three-legged racing and cartwheeling for charity Dreams Come True.

Elsewhere, Northchapel School made £400 with another chocolate-themed fundraiser, and Petworth Primary School council ran a sale after school, making £152.