RSPCA appeal for information after anti-freeze kills cats

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A HEARTBROKEN pet owner from Pulborough has lost two of her cats to anti-freeze poisoning since January and the RSPCA is appealing for information.

Kate Harbour-Roffey, of Stane Street Close, Codmore Hill, moved to the town in December from Crawley, with her two cats Smudge and Sox.

Smudge, a black male, died on January 4. And on March 16, Sox, a black and white female, met the same fate. The RSPCA said the cats had similar symptoms -– vomiting, being unable to stand up properly or walk, not responding to their owner and drinking more water than usual.

Both animals were taken to a vet and were found to have other signs of anti-freeze poisoning such as crystals in their kidneys and non-existent calcium levels in their bones.

Speaking of the second death, their owner said: “I came back into the house after work and called Sox, and she did not miaow, which was unusual.

“She had been sick and was flopped on the floor. She could not walk properly and she was drinking a lot more than usual.” Now she has put up posters in Pulborough, appealing for information, and says she has heard of another cat in the same road dying.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Bell said motorists using anti-freeze should make sure they wiped up any spillages and do not leave any containers containing fluid where animals can get at it.

“The sweet taste of anti-freeze is attractive to cats and even a small amount can be very toxic to them and cause kidney damage and death.

“We ask all motorists to make sure they dispose of anti-freeze responsibly to guard against this happening,” the inspector said.