Safety fears over kite-surfing at Bracklesham

A mum-of-three has warned families and tourists they are not safe at Bracklesham beach after a kite-surfing zone was introduced there.

Ann MacDonald, whose home backs on to the beach at East Bracklesham Drive, said she will not let her young children play in the back garden or on the beach because it is too dangerous when kite-surfers are nearby.

The temporary zone was put in last July by Chichester District Council (CDC) as a trial run but now it hopes to formally introduce the zone.

Miss MacDonald believes the 90-metre kite-surfing area is not suitable, compromises the safety of families on the beach and is not managed properly.

She also feels residents were not properly warned about the zone before it was introduced.

She said: “There are so many accidents and accidents waiting to happen, and the council can’t manage it because there aren’t enough staff.

“The bigger picture is councils do not know how to deal with kite-surfing, which is becoming an increasingly popular sport. It’s too dangerous.”

CDC said it met with East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council and residents last September about the zone.

But it also said it would still listen to alternative suggestions.