Sam from Easebourne is gun dog of the year

Wendy Glue and Sam the dog receiving their award. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
Wendy Glue and Sam the dog receiving their award. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

WITH A swift wag of his tail, Tayfordwoods Saruman, otherwise known as Sam, has beaten off the competition to be hailed as the Mitsubishi Gun Dog of the Year.

Wendy Glue and male Labrador Sam were crowned champions at the competition held at the annual CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall, winning a specially equipped Mitsubishi Outlander for a year.

The entrants had to qualify by winning an open field trial, which Sam had done in his first season’s trialing, but Wendy never thought they would go further than the first part of the competition, which was run over three days and saw crowds of 140,000.

“There were some really good dogs there,” Wendy said. “So it was lovely that everything came together at the right moment.

“I am delighted with Sam.

“Whenever we go to an event of this sort we always take part in all the scurries and tests so he was not phased by the noise and crowds.”

Sam first had to show his skills in the arena with some accurate retrieving, and even with the distractions of the watching crowd, he still managed to score very well.

Though the arena was not large, the tests were incredibly technical with no room for mistakes.

Wendy was absolutely delighted when she was told she had won the day and had to be back the next morning for the run-off against the other winners for the final.

Having only planned to be there for the day, she had to come home to Easebourne and back within 12 hours.

The final was held in a more open space and involved water retrieves and gun shots. Sam completed everything very successfully and was declared the winner, to Wendy’s great joy.

Game Fair director Andrew Crawford said: “We have seen some incredible partnerships over the three days. I am delighted that this top talent decided to take part in what will undoubtedly become a firm fixture in the gundog world.”

Wendy received the Sir John Ruggles-Brise Trophy in memory of the former CLA President and founder of the CLA Game Fair.