Scooter mania hits Midhurst

A sea of scooters at the Royal Oak in West  Lavington
A sea of scooters at the Royal Oak in West Lavington

AROUND 200 scooters descended on Midhurst for the fourth annual Bulldog Scooter Run on Sunday organised by Tina Hall of the 
Midhurst Detours Scooter Club.

Scooter clubs from across the south of England made their annual pilgrimage to the kennels in Midhurst with their donations of food and money, delivering enough food to last the charity a good six months and £375 in cash towards the upkeep of the dogs at the kennel.

One neighbour said she loved the annual scooter invasion so much that she wished it could happen every Sunday.

Tania Holmes, the charity’s chief executive, said: “It was chaos in the lane but the neighbours really seemed to enjoy it, and many of them came out to see the spectacle.”

Following a hello to the dogs in the kennel and tea on the lawn, the scooterists then made their way to the Royal Oak Pub at West Lavington where the landlord put on a barbecue and DJs played sounds from the scooter scene.

“The sun shone and many stayed at the pub enjoying a beer and a catch-up with old friends,” said Tania.

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