Scouts win Muir Trophy for second year

Fernhurst scouts were awarded the Muir Trophy from John Stone after completing eight hours of activities
Fernhurst scouts were awarded the Muir Trophy from John Stone after completing eight hours of activities

FERNHURST scouts were the triumphant winners of an annual competition held at the Camelsdale Scouts’ headquarters this week.

Patrols of up to six scouts from Camelsdale, Churt, Grayshott and Haslemere took part in the Muir Trophy over a gruelling period of eight hours.

Patrols left base camp at staggered times for a five-mile orienteering course over Marley Common and also completed four intrepid activities.

Scouts had to start fires with no matches, clamber through large spiders’ webs without touching the sides, estimate how many balls would fill a bucket and finding a way to cross a river – which was really a tarpaulin. Scouts lashed together poles and built large frames to cross – although most would probably have struggled if it had been a real river.

Scouts’ thoughts then turned to food, with patrols cooking every scout’s favourite dish – spaghetti bolognese.

The judges, Doug Bennett and John Stone, said they were ‘impressed’ with the overall standard, but they were ‘surprised’ at how many scouts did not like onions.

Then it was the pudding – banana custard, with the custard made with custard powder. Most budding chefs mashed their bananas before putting them in the custard, and the judges did wonder if it was a ploy to disguise the lumps in the pudding.

The winners of this part of the competition were Haslemere with 19 out of 20, Camelsdale and Fernhurst equal runners-up with 18, Churt 17, and Grayshott 16.

The day ended with a short campfire run by Karen McGowan, the assistant district commissioner for 
cub scouts.

Before presenting the trophy to the overall winners, John Stone, standing in for the district commissioner Mark Downer who was on holiday, called for three cheers for those running the event, especially Richard Knight from Churt who 
had organised it, and Dave Gibbon from Fernhurst who had organised the orienteering.

The final results saw Fernhurst with 50 points.

The equal runners-up were Camelsdale and Haslemere with 48 points, followed by Grayshott with 39, and Churt with 37.

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