Seaford College students take to the stage with Animal Farm

Seaforde College students performing Animal Farm
Seaforde College students performing Animal Farm

Students at Seaford College, Duncton, have tackled George Orwell’s fairy story-cum-nightmare, Animal Farm, for their latest stage production.

The novel on which the play is based was written during the second world war and published in August 1945.

According to Orwell, it reflected events leading up to and during the Stalin era before the war, and it seemed to the author that all his hopes for humanity would never be realised.

In the college production, Scott Boarer played the principal role of The Boy with Max Jukes, Freddie Miller and Will Norton as the three prominent pigs, Napoleon, Squealer and Boxer.

Alex Cornelius took the part of the farmer and also doubled up as a sheep.

Staff and students worked together to produce the set for the three-day production.

Dr Jane Askew, the school’s head of drama, said: “Animal Farm is an allegory of European history through the much of the 20th century and the students rose to the challenge.”