Special constables recruiting in Midhurst

SC Loz Saunders at Costa Coffee in Midhurst with the manager - who said he was keen to sign up
SC Loz Saunders at Costa Coffee in Midhurst with the manager - who said he was keen to sign up

SPECIAL constables have been out and about recruiting in the Midhurst and Petworth areas.

Specials took to social media to give a snapshot of the ‘excellent’ work they do protecting their communities.

“I’m glad this sort of weekend has come about,” said SC Loz Saunders, 26, of Chichester Police.

“There are a lot of specials out there doing excellent work.

“This weekend has highlighted how much we do and how much work we put in on top of our regular jobs.

“I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy it.”

SC Saunders was in Midhurst on Saturday at Costa Coffee, where she was explaining the role of special constables and encouraging people to volunteer.

She works as a phlebotomist at St Richard’s Hospital.

She joined as a special constable two years ago and hopes it will soon lead to her becoming a regular full-time police officer.

“I want to grab it with both hands,” she said.

“I hadn’t heard about specials until I spoke to an officer. I looked into it and haven’t looked back.

“For such a long time it’s what I wanted to do.

“Although I’m not doing as much as a regular officer, I’m still doing enough to make me satisfied.”

She said all the special constables put in a huge amount of work, because of their commitment to the job.

“I think if you really want to do it you don’t want to be doing two shifts a month. That’s not very rewarding.”

She said it was really good to meet people and tell them what the special constable’s role involved, as a lot of people were unaware.

“Like me, initially I had no idea what a special constable was,” she said.

She volunteers a number of hours every month – on top of her regular job.

“It’s good to let them know you can do both jobs,” she said.

As well as her duties, she also took part in a webchat as part of the special awareness weekend at the end of September, answering questions from the public about her role.

The main purpose of the weekend was to highlight the fact that Sussex Police is recruiting special constables.

Variously described by Chichester special constables in recent weeks as ‘incredibly rewarding’, ‘exciting’ and ‘about serving the community’, the role is voluntary, with a minimum of 16 hours per month, however many people choose to volunteer much more than this.

Officers were speaking to people throughout the district.

For more information on becoming a special constable visit www.sussexspecials.com