Spectacular shooting star display caught on camera over Petworth

Meteor shower over Petworth taken by Anthony Puttock
Meteor shower over Petworth taken by Anthony Puttock

WEDDING and portrait photographer Anthony Puttock who has his Phynix Photography studio in Petworth caught this stunning image of the meteor shower over the town

The annual firework display in the sky known as the Perseids meteor shower – one of the most spectacular ‘shooting stars’ reached a peak on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, astronomers said.

Each year between July 17 and August 24, the meteor shower is active as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun passes through the cosmic material trailing from the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed through our vicinity in 1992.

On Monday evening and Tuesday morning observers saw bright streaks of light flash through the sky at a rate of about one or two a minute just like the image Anthony captured through his camera lens above Petworth.

Meteors, also known as shooting stars, are small particles of material that collide with the Earth’s upper atmosphere at speeds of 36 miles per second, vaporising into flashes of light.

The Perseids meteor shower gets its name because it appears to originate from a ‘radiant’ in the constellation of Perseus.