Speed limit lowered on ‘dangerous’ A286 bend

Share your story with a reporter this Friday (October 13)
Share your story with a reporter this Friday (October 13)

Residents have welcomed a 40mph speed limit to help prevent accidents on the A286.

After years of waiting, the 40mph limit on the stretch between Fernhurst and Easebourne has been extended to cover past Cooksbridge bend and the Kings Arms with an official enforcement notice passed on Monday last week.

A petition to reduce the speed limit on the corners from 50mph was submitted in 2014 with 242 signatures, but residents were told it would take at least two years for the issue to be put before the relevant committee.

President of the Fernhurst Society, Judith Turner said: “I am so pleased that at last a sensible speed limit has been put in place around these difficult and dangerous corners.

“Over the last few years there have been various accidents, a horse badly injured, trailer loads of vegetables overturned across the road, walls crashed into and the gas box wiped out twice necessitating all the local residents being evacuated.

“I just hope the drivers stick to it.”

Noel Tonkin, who made an accident log in 2011 to raise awareness of incidents on the S bend, said it was ‘a big improvement’.

“The key point is that the road signs are no longer in conflict causing confusion for drivers,” he said.

“When the 50 limit was introduced the signs were positioned approaching the double S bend almost at the same point as the slow sign painted on the road and the ‘warning dangerous bend’ sign on the verge.

“It was ill-considered to say the least and it was then that the accident rate increased dramatically.”

Cooksbridge resident John Burrow said there was ‘no doubt’ the change had helped slow traffic.

He said: “This combined with the current works to strengthen the bridge over the River Lod is all very encouraging and bodes well to prevent more accidents in the future.”