Staff at Grange in Midhurst save life

Mike Boyce and Petra Lynn at The Grange
Mike Boyce and Petra Lynn at The Grange

STAFF at the Grange in Midhurst are being hailed heroes after they saved a man’s life.

They moved into action when 64-year-old Andrew McNicol suffered a heart attack as he attended his weekly session at the day care centre.

Mr McNicol’s sister and carer Gillie McNicol, who lives with him in Midhurst, praised staff, including Rother Valley Together manger Petra Lynn, for saving her brother’s life.

Gillie said: “Had Andrew been at home, he would most certainly have died.

“We would not have been able to do anything to help him and the response team would have taken ten minutes to get to our house rather than the four minutes it took them to get to the Grange.

“He was standing in front of Petra when it happened, so he really was in the right place at the right time.

“Thanks to Petra and the staff and the speedy arrival of first responders, he is still alive and will be home this week.

“He was taken to St Richards first to be ventilated and stabilised before being taken to QA, Portsmouth.

“His first words when we arrived the next morning were ‘I think I’ll come home!’

“I think it was an extreme way of getting out of his basket making class, which he tries to avoid like the plague, though he is great at making them.”

Centre manager Mike Boyce was at the scene and helped save Andrew.

“We did everything we possibly could,” Mike said.

“Andrew fell unconscious and stopped breathing.

“With the ambulance service on the phone, I did chest compressions.

“The crew told us the treatment Andrew had before they arrived helped save his life.

“That was the second time I have ever done chest compressions.”

Nurse Sharon Kershaw works for the Prevention Assessment Team (PAT) for the Sussex Community Trust, and was carrying out health checks in the centre when she was called to help.

She said: “Our free NHS health checks for the community are to prevent instances like this and heart disease.”