Starving dog eats plastic and foil

Buddy is now recovering well
Buddy is now recovering well

A STARVING dog has survived against all odds despite eating plastic bags and foil in a desperate bid for food in The Witterings.

It is believed the jack russell terrier, which Chichester District Council dog wardens have named Buddy, was so hungry it ate the items because they once contained food debris.

Luckily, Buddy regurgitated the plastic, which could otherwise have been fatal.

“It is incredibly upsetting to see a dog in such a severely neglected condition,” said dog warden Viv Magrath.

“This dog may have been abandoned, or he may have become lost.

“If people can no longer care for a dog there are many options available to them, including the RPSCA, the Dog’s Trust, or even contacting us.

Buddy ate plastic in a bid to survive

Buddy ate plastic in a bid to survive

“There really isn’t any excuse for abandoning a dog. Also all dogs should be micro-chipped.

“This means that we can reunite missing dogs with their owners straight away. Many vets and dog charities provide this service for free.”

Buddy is now at RSPCA Mount Noddy after being found in The Witterings.

“Although he is a little fragile at the moment, Buddy is a lovely, cuddly, friendly dog,” said Viv.

“We are grateful to the staff at RSPCA Mount Noddy who have kindly offered to give him the special care that he needs and will now help find a loving family for him.”

New regulations require all dogs to be micro-chipped by April, 2016.

This means owner’s details are kept on a database where pet details are registered.