State-of-the-art pavilion unveiled by Rother Sports Association for Easebourne home


LONG awaited plans for a state-of-the-art multi-use pavilion on the Rotherfield Sports Ground at Easebourne have been submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority.

The plans submitted by the Rother Sports Association include the demolition of the redundant existing pavilion and replacing it with a new two storey traditional pavilion with a balcony double the size of the current facilities.

The sports field is the home of the Midhurst and Easebourne Football Club and the grounds are used for a variety of sports including junior and senior football, cricket and stoolball.

The plan is to site the new pavilion at the Haslemere Road end of the site overlooking the football pitch and add flood lights.

The new sports pavilion would come with changing rooms, storage areas and recreation facilities.

In a design and access statement the association said: “ “There has been a long established need for a replacement building at the site as the existing structure has deteriorated to the extent that major repair works are required. The building has been maintained over the years however it has now come to the end of its intended design life.”

The association said the level of use of the building had significantly increased over recent years as many junior football teams had been established in many age ranges from

under 8 to under 18.

“This along with the senior football teams means the facilities are used six days of the week during the season. In the summer months the sports ground is used for cricket and stoolball which also require improved facilities including recreation spaces for post-match meals.”

The statement added: “The building is seen as a way of increasing participation of various sports and engaging the community to become involved with sport.”

“The proposal seeks to provide a facility that can encourage and support existing and future needs for recreation and sport facilities. This project can contribute towards better health and community participation in a variety of sports.

“The building’s siting, design and aesthetics has been carefully considered to avoid any adverse effect on the national park setting. It is flexible in its design to allow for a variety of different uses including many youth projects.