Stripey School Surprise is a hit in Fernhurst


PUPILS at Fernhurst Primary School have discovered a new talent.

It all started with a visit to Ben Govier’s Dylan’s ice cream shop.

And now their new ice cream flavour is in production.

As part of their project on Inventions, the pupils have concentrated on the start of the next century, thought up a new game, invented new words and now created a delicious ice cream.

They visited Ben’s shop, tried the many ice creams he already has on sale and learnt flavours could be made from anything including vegetables.

Divided into groups, the enthusiastic pupils came up with Banoffee, Rocky Road, Four Galore – with caramel, fudge and brownies in the ice cream, Berry Burst – a straight mix of berries and Stripey School Surprise – a magnificently striking stripe of blackcurrant, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and vanilla.

They learnt flavours could be made from anything including vegetables

Ben created 35 scoops of them, all of which all the pupils tasted and then other pupils and parents sampled the new flavours. Sadly, not all the creations could be turned into new ice creams in the shop, but after much consideration, Stripey School Surprise is now in production and will be at the Fernhurst Revels on May 17.